An INTROVERT’s Guide To Networking & Presenting Work

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If you’re an introvert like me, networking and presenting your work can be VERY DIFFICULT. Here’s my best advice for dealing with it, and thriving! Please remember to subscribe To have a successful design career, at some point you’re going to have to take part in some networking, and also present your work (whether that’s just to your small team or perhaps in front of the whole company at a meeting, or even on stage at a conference!). These are my best tips for embracing your introversion and playing to your strengths during these activities that don’t feel like they were designed for us to thrive in. Take a personality test and let me know which type you are! I’m INFJ aka ‘The Advocate’:… Join the community we have running for our podcast! It’s a great place to do some networking online and meet a bunch of wonderful creatives.