Friday, July 20, 2018

Business News

How to Create a Better Brand Experience: Move Beyond the Customer Journey

by Shama Hyder It used to be that brands could think and operate on a transaction-by-transaction basis. People shopped for goods and services, they bought something, and then they and that brand parted company until the customer came back to buy something else. Times certainly have changed. Businesses that want to thrive today need to […]

Creative News

Creative News

A Day In The Life Of A Busy Design Entrepreneur


Creative News

Three Career Investments Creative Pros Should Make

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I am frequently asked for career advice, and I very, very rarely offer it. Why? First, because I only intimately know my own path and those of a few others. Second, because all advice is local. What works for one person will be misery for another. Finally, when people ask for career advice, […]

Creative News

Brand•Muse Interview with Chris Do of The Futur and Host Philip VanDusen

brand•muse interviews Chris Do, the CEO, Founder and brilliant creative mind behind Blind, Inc., The Futur and host of The Process on YouTube. A true design guru, Chris possesses the perfect unicorn skillset combination of real-world business savvy, design excellence and branding mastery which he shares with his clients and creative professional audiences around the […]

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The Best and Brightest Ideas from the 10th Annual Adobe 99U Conference

If there is one pervasive theme that has taken hold of our work lives, private lives, and digital lives in the past year, it’s that challenges are always present — and they demand confrontation. This year, the Adobe 99U Conference focused its theme around tackling challenges by exploring new approaches to creative leadership, overcoming hurdles […]

Introvert News

Standing Out At Your First Job, The Introvert Way

by Karl Moore Rachel Burk, a recent graduate who works for Uber Eats in Toronto, contributed research for this article. If you have flipped through a business journal or listened to just about any talk on leadership in the past few years, you will know that introverted leaders are having their well-deserved moment in the sun. But […]

Lifestyle & Wellness News

Lifestyle News

Top 5 Veggies & Fruits for Hydration

Choosing the right fruits and vegetables can help with your efforts to hydrate. by Spartan Life, A resource for all things fitness, nutrition and mindset By Anne L’Heureux How to get in enough water…when you don’t like water. July and August can be some of the hottest months of the year. With heat, comes sweat. And […]

Wellness News

Exactly How To Set Up Your Bedroom For A Great Night’s leep

By MICHAEL BREUS If you’re looking to improve your sleep quality, there are a few basic changes you can make to both your workday and your bedtime routines. But your sleep environment matters, too. In fact, many people’s bedrooms aren’t designed well to maximize their sleep quality–and often wind up harming it. One way to improve your sleeping […]

Lifestyle News

The Moment I Stopped Letting Busyness Be My Comfort Zone

There’s magic in slowing down. by Catherine Hayes Before my accident, I hadn’t been still in years. Maybe ever. Busyness had always been my comfort zone. I knew I was an overachiever; that was pretty obvious. What I didn’t know was why. Honestly, I can’t recall having wondered about it at all before the accident. […]

Wellness News

No Time to Meditate? Try These Simple Ways to Incorporate Meditation Into Any Part of Your Life Whether at Work, Play, or Simply Relaxing

It’s a lot more feasible than you might think. by Tae Yun Kim How do you define meditation? Some people say that in order to meditate correctly you must cross your legs in a certain way. Others say you have to breathe in a certain way or meditate for a specific period of time. I […]