Saturday, November 17, 2018

Creative News

Creative News

Salesforce 2018 Keynote in Madrid The Power to Innovate

Most of us believe that the strongest ideas will win the day. That success of one’s original ideas is some combination of sheer brilliance, dogged grit, and fervent hustle. After all, no one questions that new ideas matter. Ideas are like engines, they are what pull us into the future. Ideas matter to our careers, […]

Creative News

Youpreneur of the Year 2018 Philip VanDusen

I’m incredibly honored to have been awarded “Youpreneur of the Year 2018” in London last night at the Youpreneur Summit, Chris Ducker’s mastermind community event. Thanks to every one of my subscribers and tribe members – it is your support and love that you have shown my channel over the last couple years that made […]

Creative News

Six Investments To Level-Up Your Commercial Photography Business

by Clay Cook, Throughout the course of my creative career, I’ve overdrawn my bank account a lot, shed tears over stress, and stared in the mirror for hours in dejection. I’ve made my share of professional and personal mistakes and certainly learned the hard way from all of those choices. I’ve lost, I’ve won, I’ve […]

Creative News

Everyone Wins When You Create

by Mareo McCraken, We create for many reasons.  Some people write. Some people teach, others build, or fix, or count, or paint, or organize, or encourage. Whatever you create, you know you have your reasons.  Your purpose is a magical force the propels actions and helps you help others.  I write for many reasons. I […]

Introvert News

9 Things I Wish People Knew About Me As A Highly Sensitive Introvert

by Tracy M. Kusmierz, “It’s so nice to see you come out of your shell” is my least favorite phrase ever. It’s right up there with “wasssssuuuuuuuuuuppppp” and “good luck with that’” or “sorry not sorry.”  Every time someone says it to me, I just want to scream, “I am an introvert, not a turtle!” Over the past […]