Monday, October 22, 2018

Creative News

Creative News

How to Talk About Price or Budget Using Price Bracketing

How do you talk about the price of your services? What is price bracketing? Why should you say a price before you show a price? In this video, Chris Do talks about the importance of why should say a price before you waste any time creating a proposal.

Creative News

Building Community, Fostering Creativity: A Collaborative Workspace for Interior Designers

by Michael J. Berens, Collaborative or co-working spaces provide a supportive environment where self-employed individuals can gather with other professionals and have access to the amenities of a commercial office setting. They have been a part of tech culture for some years now, but have not really caught on as yet with the A&D community. […]

Creative News

Is Now a Good Time to Become a Designer or Creative Professional?

I get asked all the time, “Is it a good time to become a designer or creative professional?” The exploding need for content in the new “Creative Economy” has made pursuing a career as a creative professional a smart bet. The documented ‘Rise of the Creative Class’ in the workforce has positively affected the prospects […]

Creative News

Ralph Lauren Loosens Up

At its 50th anniversary Central Park extravaganza, the American mega-brand proved it could loosen up and credibly live outside the strict confines of its preppy vision as it fights to regain relevance with consumers. BY LAUREN SHERMAN NEW YORK, United States — It’s true what they say: it was spectacular. For his 50th anniversary celebration, Ralph Lauren spared […]

Travel News

Why Does Travel Enhance the Educational Experience?

by Dallas Dorrall Students tend to underestimate the importance of traveling while still in school. This is a tremendous learning experience that sub-consciously helps to increase their education. Remember the saying “education isn’t limited to the four walls of the classroom”? Exactly. The person who said that was espousing the benefits of traveling. Learning when […]